Our New Zealand Lifestyle block is NOT 100% Pure!
It is 100% DEADLY!


It looks so beautiful - an idylic house in a 'Clean Green, 100% Pure NZ!'
A healthy, safe place to bring up our family, to retire, settle down and enjoy a long life in paradice!
Situated in the glorious Bay of Islands, the house site was an ex-orchard just outside of Kerikeri, we had no reason to suspect that could be a life threatening problem!

For the first five years we lived here, we all got more and more seriously ill, we were too ill to realise the house itself was trying to KILL US! The water was incredibly TOXIC, TOXIC gas was leaking slowly into the rooms in which we lived, ate and slept!

Then we found out! New Zealand is not 100% Pure - our bit of New Zealand is 100% DEADLY!

Having been asking for help for eleven months and not receiving the slightest assistance, we have been forced to start a HIGH COURT Legal case against the NZ Government for misrepresenting NZ as a CLEAN GREEN, 100% Pure Country that is a healthy place to live. The full details are here!

In preparing this case we also discovered evidence which shows the Estate Agent and the Lawyer who did our Conveyancing also acted negligently, we have also issued a High Court claim against them. The full detalis of that case now appear here.

Our condition is still deteriorating even after all the measures we have taken to reduce contact with the toxins, if we do nothing we will DIE! The latest test results, bad! are here, they have allowed us to better understand the process that is killing us, The Mechanism of Death is really quite simple!

The trigger for the whole legal action was the constant obstruction by the Northern Regional Council and Northern District Health Board. From the very first day when we discovered the water was so toxic and reported it to them they have been negligently slow to respond. When they did respond they went into denial mode! Misinformation, partial data and what can only be seen as direct and deliberate lies were constantly supplied to us in place of the help and assistance which we so clearly need to deal with the toxins that are seriously damaging our health.

On the 24th May 2011, the NZ Government announced that it was adopting a slightly modified version of the National Environment Standard on contaminated soil, NES which was introduced to us by Paul REID of the NDHB showing the levels found in our tests were below the SGV(Health) standards in the NES. However, the final version, which officially comes into effect on 1 September 2011 has dramatically lowered these SGV(Health) standards for Arsenic and Lead. Our test results are now well above the new levels set even before the required adjustment for the direct ingestion of the toxins is made. The NES states that the council should investigate further in these circumstances.

As a completely separate issue to the Court cases which are based on Misrepresentation and Negligence we have complained to the OMBUDSMAN about the actions, or lack of them by the Northern Regional Council and Northern District Health Board and some named officers in particular. They have confirmed that they have the paperwork.

We have created a page of QUESTIONS that we would like answered about the actions of these officers, they may answer them, more likely ignore them or we will send them to the OMBUDSMAN as a basis for his investigation.

We have also made a formal request to the Northern Regional Council for proper Testing and Remediation of our Contaminated property.

The FULL, detailed story of the actions and inaction of the Northern Regional Council and Northern District Health Board will be continuously posted. We hope to establish this site as one of the top sites on the Search engines for queries on these bodies and the officers concerned.

We, unusually in these circumstances are publishing the Case summary, the Documents on which the matter currently relies and lots of other information. We are not lawyers, we cannot afford lawyers but most of all we cannot DELAY! Every further day of delay means that we have consumed more toxin, we are already seriously ill.

We have all the PROOF we need! By publishing ALL the details we hope that we will get some ACTION!

The situation is shameful, we did nothing wrong! We accepted the advertising for 100% PURE New Zealand and emigrated, bought a lovely house and have struggled, just to survive, ever since!
Nobody will help, we are apparently expected to Shut up, Stay put and DIE! Thanks to Candetti

Updated 10 August 2011

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